And, when it comes to the brides, it’s a breather! They want everything to fall in the perfect place and time. And why not? After all, it’s their day.

A bridal list of things required on the wedding day may not make logic, but they make for extraordinary emotions. It makes her happy; it makes her feel the occasion, it makes her the Queen of the moment.

Let’s stand on her expectations and surprise her with an innovative idea which could take her to the Cloud No. 9 on the wedding day.

It’s Portrait Mehendi! Gone are the days when brides used to flaunt the orthodox mehendi designs on their palms. The changing times and the advent of modern ideas have brought upfront the concept of Portrait Mehendi wherein the bride’s and bridegroom’s faces are engraved in the form of mehendi on the bride’s palms. Cool, isn’t it?

Recently, TV actress Divyanka Tripathi got hers and her bridegroom’s (Vivek Dahiya) face drawn on the middle of her palms. The drawn art was so profound and detailed that it looked like a living, breathing phenomenon.

Mehendi artist Bishwanath Mondal, famously known as Bishu, has been doing this for two years, and describes this art as a blend of imagination and expertise. According to him, the art is complex as it’s not a free-hand drawing. The artist first gets the hold of the photo, then sketches it and makes a decal (sticky label) of it.

Subsequently, it is stuck on the middle of bride’s palm and water is applied on the tattoo to stick. After that, the sticker is peeled off, which is followed by applying a paste of mehendi on the area, and once the mehendi dries, the sticker is removed and the artist draws designs around it. And what comes out is simply magical.

The mehendi on the bride’s palm with hers and her groom’s face is something that connects the feelings, giving it an almost spiritual aspect.

Meanwhile, it takes 3-4 days to complete the sketch. Nevertheless, experts ask for your picture one month before the wedding day. Talking about the cost of this art? May cost you anywhere between Rs.3000 to 4000, depending on the demand and skills of the artist.

If you are planning to get married, you must think to get this portrait mehendi done and feel the essence of being unified with your soulmate.

Pic Courtesy: The Wedding Story/ Facebook

Krishnendu/ JPN

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