Believe it or not, the market is flooded with variety of shoes that one might consider at least 1000 times before putting them on. But then, they do wear them. Have a look at the weirdest of weird shoes.

No, they don't bite!

Wearing it may not be a problem, but believing that you won't fall after wearing it may be a big challenge. So, are you game?

This shoe may give a tough competition to Octopus. Isn't it?

Well, still wondering who would wear that!

The fish lovers who cannot afford to leave their fish at home, this is the perfect thing to carry them along with you. Or may be a crab!

For whosoever said short height is a problem, surely hasn't seen this shoe.

For the foodies, this one is surely going to tickle their senses.

What's more ugly than a rat? A rat-shaped shoe may be.

Who said teeth are only meant for chewing when they can even serve as a shoe sole.

Still trying to figure out, what exactly they have tried with this one.

Pretty Weird Ehh??