Singh in a condolence message for AGL Kaul, investigator in the case who died last week, said the officer was convinced that the parents of Aarushi were responsible for the double murder.

"Despite many lacunae and loopholes due to the fact that the case had been handled initially by Uttar Pradesh police and later by another CBI investigation team, before Kaul was given charge, he was able to obtain a conviction," Singh said in his message.

Singh said that despite pressure from seniors, Kaul remained steadfastly resolute and focused on the probe which ended in the conviction of the accused parents -- Rajesh and  Nupur Talwar.

"During the course of the investigation and trial, Kaul had faced immense pressure from all quarters including his superiors, media and the public as it was one of the most high profile and enigmatic cases handled by CBI. But he remained steadfastly resolute and focused," Singh said.

54-year-old Kaul suffered a heart attack in his sleep and was declared brought dead by the hospital here on Friday.

In the Aarushi-Hemraj double murder case, Kaul was brought after investigation by the first team under the then Joint Director Arun Kumar was rejected by the then CBI Director Ashwani Kumar.

Kaul had to file a closure report which included details of circumstantial evidence indicating involvement of the dentist parents of the teenager.

On the basis of circumstantial evidence presented by the investigating team of Kaul, the couple were convicted of murder by the trial court and sentenced to life imprisonment.

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