Lucknow: Taking their "battle" against union Law Minister Salman Khurshid a step further, India Against Corruption (IAC) on Saturday said it would be coming out with more documentary evidence against the Congress leader Nov 1 at Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh.

Slated to hold a demonstration led by leader Arvind Kejriwal in Farrukhabad, the parliamentary constituency of Khurshid, IAC activists said they would be putting out a 'real' list of  beneficiaries from the Dr Zakir Hussain Trust, managed by the law minister and his family.

The trust has been in the centre of a storm over allegations of graft.

"We have a verified list of disabled people who got equipment in 17 camps that the minister claims were held under the aegis of the trust run by him. We have something to reveal on that too, and we will expose him," said an IAC activist.

Confirming that they would be putting out a fresh list, senior IAC member Sanjay Singh said that they would be holding a rally Nov 1 and warned that any attack on them would reflect poorly on both the central and the state governments.

"If something... happens, the Congress and Samajwadi Party (SP) would be responsible," he said.

The IAC also said that both the SP and Congress have joined hands against them.

The fact that no action was taken by the local police in the matter pertaining to the attack on Munna Lal Rajput and Laxman Singh (both IAC activists) and on local media persons, was testimony that the SP and Congress were acting in tandem against the IAC, an aide of Arvind Kejriwal alleged.


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