New Delhi: In order to deal with power crunch in Uttar Pradesh, Union Coal Ministry has ordered coal companies to supply additional raw material to the Unchahar, Dadri, Rihand and Singrauli thermal power stations.

Coal Minister Sriprakash Jaiswal on Monday held meeting with top officials of thermal power stations of North India over the coal supply.

Minister directed the coal companies that regular coal supply should be ensured to the thermal power stations situated at UP, Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan following the festive season.

The coal stock in these states is in battered condition thanks to the lack of cooperation with the Railways.

All the subsidiaries of the Coal India have been asked to give priority to coal supply to thermal power plants.

As of now, 107 rakes of coal are being supplied to the thermal power plants per day. It will now be increased to 145 from October 14.

Out of the total coal supply, thermal power plants in North India are getting 36 rakes which will be increased to 49 rakes.

The Coal India registered 5 percent growth in coal supply to the thermal power stations by July.

The thermal power stations had a coal stock of 132 lakh tonne by August 1, in comparison to the 115 lakh tonne previous year.