Here's a list of Hindi proverbs literally translated into English language. Check how hilarious it turns out to be:

"Naach na aaye aangan tedha"
Don't know how to dance, veranda tilted

"Ghar ki murgi daal barabar"
Home hen is equal to pulses

"Khoda pahaad nikli chuhiya"
Dug mountain got mouse

"Laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahi maante"
Ghost of kicks not listen to words

"Jiski laathi uski bhains"
Whose stick his Buffalo

"Haan mein haan milana"
Mixing yes and yes

"Daal mein kuch kala hona"

There is something black in pulses

"Bandar kya jaane adrak ka swaad"

Monkey does not know taste of Ginger

"Aasman se Gira, Khajur mai Atka"

Fell from Sky and stuck in the Date Palm

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