Always try to keep Lord Ganesha on main entrance door of the Vaastu.

Always try to keep purple colour plant in Southeast direction of living room to exert a pull on wealth and opulence.

To keep financial consistency you should always ensure natural sunlight entering in the house.

 If your washroom is placed next to main entrance door, it increases your debts. Because toilets represents toilet water and waste materials. It flushes out your wealth. This location should be avoided.

Toilets with bathroom should never be in Northeast and Southeast as this is very strict defect.

In Southeast direction of living room keep a green leafy plant.

The organization of house can support to increase your financial condition. After inconsequential alterations in house people may get satisfied with the results to their labours.

Northeast and North directions are beneficial for financial prosperity. East is direction of name and celebrity. It is said that north direction of Kuber, the Lord of Wealth. It is also said as direction of finance, any impasse in this direction will bring obstacle in wealth and prosperity flow.
If you are not able to remove that block you can place a aquarium or small fountain in this direction to a good Vaastu remedy.

Always ensure that other direction than north don’t possess any negative energies or impact as per Vaastu principles.

Almirahs, safes, locker in your home should always open towards north or east direction. If not that likely to effect in increased expenses.

Torpid represents financial loss, thus any form of stagnant water should not be present in house. Water is supposed to be a symbol of personal financial health. It works as a source of financial growth and prosperity.

Underground water tanks, bore wells, pools are constructed in North direction or northeast of the plot to increase the financial growth.

Moving water source generates financial growth. Place aquarium with 9 Goldfish and 1 black fish in north direction to increase flow of money.

Colours like yellow, golden, blue, green and even white is proved to be lucky to attract wealth.
No shoes or slipper should be scattered around the entrance of the home, it should always remain clear. This energy rides with wind which lets positive energy to fill your home.

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