Dating is a very confusing game and it’s extremely hard to figure out the dos and don’ts.  Here are seven things you should absolutely avoid doing on a first date.

Turn up late: The only thing a girl hates the most is to keep waiting. It should always be the other way around. A simple rule to abide by - you should be at your appointed meeting place five minutes early and assume she'll be five minutes late. So if it’s the first time you’re meeting her, make sure you’re on time.


Talk about himself all the time: Nothing quite turns off a woman than a narcissist who can’t stop talking about himself. When you endlessly talk about yourself you appear selfish, full of yourself, and unrelatable. It is good to keep talking to avoid dead air when on a date, but make sure that your date gets to have the chance to talk, too. At least once in a while, take a breath so your date can talk about their interests as well.

Dress up dirty: A lady always hates a guy who isn’t dressed properly, unhygienic or reeks. If you’re meeting a girl for the first time, make sure you’re dressed for the occasion, bathed and dressed properly. If you’ve a beard make sure it’s neatly trimmed. First impressions last for a long time and if you appear like a slob in the first date, that image is going to stick for life.

Talk about your ex: There is a time and place for everything but your first date is not the place to be asking about your date’s exes. These questions make for a very uncomfortable first date.

Complain about the bill: Be sure that you have enough money with you when you go on a date so the bill doesn’t catch you by surprise.

Go on a date when you are drunk: Enjoying a bit of a tipple before or during your date is not a terrible idea but you must know your limits. It can be a tricky one to judge, but basically, you should stop before you start doing vomit-burps. You must have a sharp mind on your first date and it only takes one drink for that edge to disappear. Charm your date with your witty humor and not your witless lack of alcohol control.


Order messy food: Avoid the opportunity of wearing your clumsy mistake by ordering food that’s not messy. Also do not order food which will make your mouth stink. Onion, garlic are probably the worst when it comes to making your mouth stink but the principle is the same with anything you put in your mouth; you want your mouth to smell good.


Use abusive language: Never ever rough up with anybody or use abusive language in front of your date. Girls like men with etiquettes, who are polite with others and respect women.