Like major festivals in our country, this Punjabi festival is also celebrated with gaiety but it cannot be completed without 'bhangra' along with some 'makke di roti and sarso da saag'.

Here, we bring you some essential things that one must keep in mind while preparing for 'Lohri'.


This is a MUST thing if you are celebrating Lohri at home. You can opt for various design ideas for the bonfire, like by decorating it with pebbles, with some flowers or simply by making a rangoli around it.


On the occasion of any festival, decoration needs to be done on a priority basis. Similarly, for Lohri, you need to decorate your house to give bright and glowing look. You can use fairy lights for this purpose.


A true Punjabi cannot survive without food and so are his/her festivals. No festival is completed without any food. So, you have to include various Punjabi dishes in your menu along with traditional 'makke di roti' and 'sarso da saag'. Also, don't forget to add some rewari, gajjak and popcorns as these are used during the puja.


You have to wear a gaudy and glittery traditional dress on this occasion to enjoy this festival to the fullest. Also, try to dress up like a true Punjabi as it will add more colour to the festival.


Punjabi weddings and festivals are incomplete without songs. So, you have to arrange for the same. It will be awesome if you arrange some live 'dhol' during the puja on which you can dance and enjoy with your family and friends.


Harshita Sharma/JPN

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