Chennai: Noting that river water disputes between states are occurring more frequently as between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka over Cauvery, BJP said these are national property and government should think of interlinking them.

"Such disputes are everywhere. River disputes are becoming more and more and we have to sit and decide as demand for water is increasing day by day. Rivers are national property. In the coming days, we may have to think of interlinking them, BJP National Secretary Muralidhar Rao said

He told reporters here that river disputes like the ones between Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, New Delhi and Haryana as also Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are not state specific.

Rao recalled that when Vajpayee was Prime Minister, he had declared interlinking of rivers as an ambitious project.

Government should work out on these things", he said.      

"Prime Minister Manmohan Singh must win the confidence of the people and be able to prevail, he said.

Rao said the demand of Tamil Nadu farmers' on getting due share of Cauvery river water from Karnataka, as directed by Cauvery River Authority, is 'genuine.'

Singh, also chairman of CRA had on September 19 directed Karnataka to release 9,000 cusecs of water daily to Tamil Nadu till October 15.


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