Gurgaon: If you are a habitual traffic offender and driving in the Millennium City Gurgaon, its time you better mend your ways because now the traffic police has been empowered with a ‘Third Eye’.

Gurgaon Police on Tuesday launched ‘Third Eye’ project under which the city traffic police would be provided with mobile phones, enabled with special software that would keep a tab on the traffic violators.

The project has been launched in collaboration with a mobile handset manufacturing company and the Millennium City Welfare Society. Police Commissioner S S Deswal inaugurated the project at Shankar Chowk, Gurgaon on Tuesday.

The E-5 series mobile handsets will be directly linked to servers in the Police Control Room. The pictures taken by the traffic police personnel on the ground would immediately be accessed by those working in the control room.

The traffic police would then trace the address of the offender from their vehicle registration numbers and would immediately dispatch challans at the offenders address mentioned in the records.

Commending the ‘Third Eye’ project, Joint Commissioner of Police Alok Mittal said that almost 250 challans were slapped against offenders during the first trials.