"I have seen in Gujarat that flamingos arrive before winter and vanish after winter. The Third Front is like migratory birds which will vanish after the elections. It will be reduced to thirty (Lok Sabha seats) after the elections," Modi told a public rally here in Left-ruled Tripura.
"We need a strong government at the Centre which can bring real development to the country. 60 years have been spoilt. Do you want to spoil five more years?" he asked.
Modi said that a strong leadership was required in the country which could provide good governance, transparency and responsibility toward the people.
"NDA is not an alliance or front. NDA means National Development Agency. You have seen sixty years of governance. Give me sixty months. I will change the country," the Gujarat Chief Minister declared.
"If intellectuals analyse different models like dynasty model, Janata model or the government led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee, they will agree that the governance model of Vajpayeeji was the best," he said.
He said that there were a lot of similarities between Tripura and Gujarat. "You have a border with Bangladesh and we have it with Pakistan. Bangladesh disturbs you and we disturb Pakistan."
Modi said "Despite political stability in Tripura why is it not going ahead in terms of development, why is there so much poverty? Why is there no economic development?" he asked.
He alleged that the state government had no goodwill for development of poor people and villages.
"Even if you are poor, you will not get a BPL card unless you join the CPI(M). If you want to survive you have to work for the party first. This is not democracy," he said.


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