London: A new survey has shed light on 30 must have qualities that women seek in their ideal man. For a start, women want him to be earning a well-above-average 48,000 pounds a year. And he is expected to love shopping and watching TV soaps, a daily reported.

The survey, for clothing store Austin Reed, revealed that the ideal partner checklist also includes having a stylish dressing sense and a hair-free chest.

The list includes:

1.    Six foot tall

2.    Muscle, toned and athletic

3.    Brown eyes

4.    Short, dark hair

5.    Smart dress sense

6.    Stylish

7.    A beer or lager drinker

8.    A non-smoker

9.    Wears smart jeans, shirt and V-neck jumper

10.    Gets ready in 17 minutes

11.    Earns around 48,000 pounds a year

12.    Wants a family

13.    Loves shopping

14.    Eats meat

15.    Watches soaps

16.    Clean-shaven

17.    Smooth-chested

18.    Enjoys watching football

19.    Drives an Audi

20.    Well-educated

21.    Earns more than his partner

22.    Jokes around and has a laugh

23.    Sensitive when you are upset

24.    Tells you he loves you only when he means it

25.    Admits it when he looks at other women

26.    Has a driving license

27.    Can swim

28.    Can ride a bike

29.    Can change a tyre

30.    Rings his mother regularly


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