Taking a serious note of Facebook driven concerns, Algeria has opened a clinic, which is perhaps one of its kind in the world, with an aim to rid people from Facebook addiction.

Raouf Boqafa, Human Development Scientist and Director of the private clinic which was open in May 2016 in the eastern city of Constantine, Algeria decided to take note of the alarming increase in the number of Facebook addicts in his city. He formed a team of psychologists and set a clinic.

“There is some danger in underestimating the damage of Facebook addiction compared to the risk of physical drugs,” Boqafa said in an interview.

Facebook has 10 million users in Algeria, which is about 25 percent of the population, and the number of users is growing by around 10 percent every year, but the real concern is that people are using too much to the social media platform.

Since social media consumes high levels of mental energy and heavily impacts the thought process, Boqafa is of the belief that Facebook poses a greater danger than the use of “black magic.”

“Terming the effects of addiction as ‘blue magic’... the magic of Facebook and the wider internet adversely effecting youths,” he added.
Boqafa’s treatment programme aims to reduce the psychological, social, and security damage experienced by those who live in the virtual world.

As Facebook is being used as a tool to mislead youths by terror outfits, the director of the clinic says that “Facebook addicts” are more susceptible to being brainwashed by extremists groups who use the social media as a recruitment tool.

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