These paper rangolis can be placed on the floor, as a decorative element for ceremonies or celebrations. The rangolis are hand-cut and assembled from layers of paper; they are light and portable as well.



Tips to make a paper rangoli:

  • For this you will need a piece of paper large enough to allow some intricacy, but not so large as to turn your Rangoli into an overly long project.


  • Decide what kind of design you want. You can search online for designs, or look for a library book on Indian crafts.


  • Sketch the design on paper with a pencil. Remember to sketch lightly so that you can erase if needed.


  • When you are done with your design, finalize the outline using white chalk. Fill in your design with coloured chalk. Use many bright and fun colours as you like.


  • Display it proudly and keep it somewhere where many people can see it. You can also use lamps, candles, flowers to decorate it further.


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