In 1979, nine-year-old Ramesh lost his father. He spent his childhood in struggle for survival. He worked day and night to earn the living and today he is a millionaire.

Even today,  Babu gives a haircut for a modest Rs 100.

After his father's death, Ramesh rented out his father’s saloon on Brigade Road for a mere Rs 5 per day but the income was insufficient to fulfil the demands of his family.

As he grew older, his sense of responsibility tugged at him and he couldn't quite decide if he should study further or start working to support his mother and the family income.

However, upon his mother's insistence, he resolved study up to the pre-university level and then obtained a diploma in electronics. All this while, his father's shop was still being rented out for meagre amounts. He then decided to run it himself and in 1989, he began working at the salon that had first been established by his grandfather.

The career choice paid off better than he could have imagined as in 1991, he started his own salon, Inner Space, which gained popularity among the city’s trendy bunch.

But the turnaround happened in 1994, when barber Babu purchased a humble Maruti Omni van and started renting it out.

Seventeen years later, his car collection is anything but humble. Apart from the Rs 3 crore Rolls Royce, his fleet includes four Mercedes, an equal number of BMWs and 50 Toyota Innovas — which he rents out.

Today, all his cars had gone out on rent. The lowest rent for a car he lets out is Rs 1,000 a day and the most expensive is Rs 50,000 a day for the Rolls-Royce.

Till 2004, he had only five to six cars, as he was focused on getting the saloon business off the ground, so car renting business was not his priority. It was not doing well because the competition at this level, small car renting businesses, was intense. So he thought of stepping into luxury cars renting business which did wonders for him.  

The millionaire barber is now planning to buy stretch limousines in 2015.

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