Holi, or 'Yaoshang' as it is locally called, is celebrated for five days and nights. Many activities are organised in every locality as part of the celebrations.

The festivities begin with 'Yaoshang Meithaba', which means the burning of the hut made up of straws after a customary puja is done. After the ceremony young boys and girls dressed in the traditional dress go from door to door to seek customary money which is known as 'Nakatheng'.

The real Holi commences from the second day onwards in which friends and family apply colours spray water with pichkaris and throw water balloons at each other. Children take special delight in the entire event.

The sports activities organised by local clubs add more vibrancy and life to the festival. Members from all age groups participate with tremendous zeal and enthusiasm. The sports festival is a mix of various competitions. The organisers arrange many interesting games such as freeze dance, tug of war, foot races, musical chairs and football.

The main highlight, or what could be called as the crux of 'Yaosang' (Holi) is 'Thabal Chongba', one of the traditional dances of Manipur. The Literal meaning of Thabal is ‘moonlight’ and Chongba means ‘dance’, thus meaning ‘dancing under the moonlight’. In this dance form, boys and girls form a circle and hold each other's hands on rhythmic sound of drums and other instruments that goes from slow to fast, high to low, and up and down.

During Holi, collection of money by young girls is customary and everyone has to contribute according to their capacity. They use a rope tied to a pole to stop passers-by and seek money from them. With the money collected, a feast and folk dance are organised.

Well, if you are thinking that Manipur offers only sports activities and Thabal Chongba during Holi, then brace yourself for Sumang Leela, a traditional theatre or music concert providing a treat to everyone.

On the last day of the festival, devotees take out processions and proceed towards the main temple of Lord Krishna, the Govinda Ji temple in Imphal to perform traditional and cultural activities and celebrate Holi.

Holi has a special place in the state of Manipur as it not only brings joy but also brings people together.