Meet John Hall from Radford, Coventry - a city in the county of West Midlands in England - whose health results has even left doctors stunned.

Hall was told by doctors he had a high risk of heart attack and stroke.

For seven years, he tried various options like altering diet or walking eight km a day but nothing worked.

Worried, he decided to join fitness classes at a local community centre twice a week just four months ago.

His sessions included warm ups and a series of high-intensity aerobic activity.

And miracle happened.

According to Hall, the intense 12-minute exercise routine twice a week has cured his diabetes, halved his cholesterol and controlled blood pressure levels.

“The exercises might only be for 12 minutes but my metabolism keeps working hard for the next 24 hours,” Hall was quoted as saying in a leading daily report.

“When I went back to the doctors, they were absolutely astounded,” he recalled.

The doctors are now planning to get him off diabetes medicines, the report added.


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