The app, called Swytch, allows users to have up to five additional mobile numbers on their existing smartphone nullifying the need of keeping two mobiles to orchestrate their double lives, media reports stated here on Sunday.

Chris Michael, CEO and co-founder of the app, said when developing the app, it was inevitable as it 'could also attract the unfaithful ones'.

"If having access to more than one number makes it easier for people to have affairs, then it happened a long time ago when Pay As You Go SIM cards became available," Micheal said.

"Swytch makes it possible for people to have multiple numbers on their existing mobile phone, and while this may assist people who have already decided to have affairs, I cannot believe that would be a factor in their decision to start one," he said.

Swytch allows the user to call or text somebody after simply selecting a number they wish to use. The app has been designed to help people who wish to keep separate business and personal communications on one device. One can also keep main number private by using temporary numbers for online activities.

The app is available for free download and is available on iPhone and Android phones.