The good folks at Flyin' Miata are known to plonk in monstrous engines into the cheerful chassis of the Japanese two-door convertible. With this one, they've sourced an LS3 V8 (an engine that powers the mighty Chevrolet Corvette) into the tiny bay.

Power figures are rated at a droolworthy 525PS and 663Nm. Notable upgrades include a rear differential from a Chevrolet Camaro SS and a new Tremec T56, 6-speed manual transmission.  Needless to say, other important mechanical bits including the suspension and the brakes have been beefed up to account for the added power. What's more, there's a roll cage bolted on for good measure as well!

The best part is that the Miata has gained only 119kg from the whole set of modifications. That can be easily looked over considering the fact that it has 370PS of extra power to deal with the added weight. The weight distribution, that Miatas are so famous for is relatively unchanged too, at 53.4:46.6 (vs 52:48 stock).

More power, less weight has always been the go to mantra for the perfect pocket-rocket!  We're grinning ear to ear thinking about the sheer fun this particular combo offers! The Miata is among our favorite two-door sports cars. In fact, it topped our list of five sports cars India deserves. Oh, before we forget, it will set one back by $50,000 (approximately Rs 33.36 lakh) over the cost of the car itself.