Jammu, Jan 22(Agencies) : With two more live landmines being detected and defused in R S Pura sector of Jammu district,the threat due to the drifting of such mines along the Indo-Pak border continues to loom large over the population of the region, official sources have said.
On the basis of information provided by the villagers,two landmines were recovered and defused in Devigarh and Tubewell areas of RS Pura sector in Jammu district, the sources said here on Saturday   

Tragadies were averted due detection of the live landmines by the villagers and their timely removal, they said. This was the fifth incident this year of live landmines being detected by villagers and defused by security forces.

The threat due to drifting of such mines looms large over the population of border areas.
However,the people of border regions allege that BSF has failed to ensure a mine-free area along the Indo-Pak border belt and mines have been detected in agricultural lands.