New Delhi: The sudden spurt in attacks on mobile towers by the Naxals has kept the security agencies on tenterhooks.

According to reports, which is giving sleepless nights to the intelligence agencies the mobile towers in the coming days will be prime targets of the Naxalites.

Significantly, in a bid to provide better communication the government in the Naxal-hit areas is mulling over a plan of installing 550 new mobile towers. 

According to the reports, the mobile tower play a very vital role in upgrading the Naxal network, hence a potential threat to the group.

Naxals have worked hard to stop the mobile phone usage among its cadres, but their efforts failed to keep away the rural tribes in their cadre from using mobiles. Perhaps, this is the reason why the Maoists in the past few years have blown up more than 250 cell towers.

(JPN/ Bureau)