Dehradun: The virus ‘cross sight scripting’ which once hacked US President Barack Obama’s website and US secret agency FBI, has now spread its tentacles to the official website of the Uttarakhand government.

Being the latest victim of the virus, the website of the Uttarakhand government can fall prey to money laundering and other cyber crimes as the hacker can easily siphon off huge sum of money in the name of the government.

The hacking of the government website was discovered in a demo programme created by the Cyber College in Dehradun.

According to the demo programme, the security cover of the Uttarakhand government website is now incapable of providing protection from the threatening virus. The cyber experts of the college managed to add a stray page to the homepage of Uttarakhand government portal (, official website of the Governor, ITDA, State Election Commission, Chief Election Commissioner and Public Service Commission by the help of a program.

They were also able to send messages on behalf of the state government by hacking the website. Also, the link of the Uttarakhand government portal appeared without asking any User Login Id.

By intersecting the security of the government portal, the hacker can request relief fund from the national and international fraternity in the name of the Uttarakhand government. In addition, the hacker can also paste vulgur content and pictures and can commit any other cyber crime, all in the name of the government.

Prashant Uniyal, Security Advisor, Cyber College said, “The Information Technology Development Agency (ITDA) has been informed about the threat but the officials are not considering it sincerely. If no action is taken to deal with the threat, a serious cyber crime can take place at any moment.”

The functioning, maintenance and security of the Uttarakhand government website and other department websites is with the National Information Science Centre under the ITDA. 

Meanwhile, Dr Devratna Shukla, Senior Director, NIC said, "The demo programme by the cyber college will not be ignored. We will examine the scavenging by the virus and will strengthen the security cover of the website with the help of the college.”

However, Akash Sharma, a cyber crime expert claims, “The security standard of the Uttarakhand government website is very weak. Hence, the cross sight scripting virus has been able to attack the site. Otherwise, the top ten threats are always taken care in setting up the security standards of a website.”