Here are three such phones you can purchase...

Intex Cloud FX

This phone has Wi-Fi along with “EDGE“ for cellular data connectivity and it can fulfill your internet requirements. It runs on Firefox OS which is similar to the early-day version of Android. Apps like Facebook, Google+, Cut the Rope, Here Maps and Twitter can be downloaded from the Firefox Marketplace.

Multi-tasking is not good but Web browsing and messaging is relatively smooth. The device slows down as more services start running in the background. Voice quality and audio quality of the phone is loud and clear, without any distortion. Cloud Fx works well for basic web access and provide a full day of battery backup on a single charge. Price: Rs 1,990


Specs: 2.4-inch (320x240px) LCD display; dual SIM (2G), GPRS data, Bluetooth; 1.3MP rear camera; 500 contacts internal memory, microSD slot; 1200mAh battery.

The M202 is ideal for those who want a phone for voice calls, texting and basic internet access. You can compose a new text message, launch the camera, set an alarm, switch on the torch and put the phone in silent mode without entering the main menu.

This dual SIM handset's phone memory can only store contacts and text messages. All the pictures, videos and music files need to be saved on an external microSD card. You get a value for money phone that anybody can operate; is kitted with a really loud speaker; lets you record calls and your favourite FM radio channels, and access the internet (GPRS) via a basic browser. The two-day battery life is the best feature this phone has. Price: Rs 1,240

Spice Flo Rainbow M-6111

Specs: 4-inch (480x272px) LCD touchscreen; dual-SIM (2G), Bluetooth, FM; 1.3MP rear camera with LED flash; 1,500 contacts internal memory, microSD slot; 1,000 mAH battery.

The Flo Rainbow has five coloured changeable rear panels — green, white, yellow, blue and pink — and a larger 4-inch touchscreen. M-6111 runs a proprietary mobile OS, it sports controls — like the context menu, home and back — similar to Android. Even the user interface is similar, complete with the drop-down notification bar, app drawer, and the ability to add widgets to the homescreen.

It comes pre-loaded with “web apps“ like Facebook, Flickr, Hungama, VuClip, Just Dial, an e-book reader and more. But these are just shortcuts to web pages which open in Opera Mini browser. There is no app store, so it isn't possible to install any software. The larger screen is better suited for playing music and standard definition (SD) content. Picture quality is not great because of the low-resolution screen.

Text input is difficult because of the cramped virtual keyboard. However, it gets better when you switch to the classic number pad. Price: Rs 1,399.