Howrah: An unfortunate tragedy was averted on Monday afternoon when three vessels collided with each other in river Ganga near Nazirganj. The incident led to a massive tidal wave in the river, misbalancing the nearby steamers passing through the river.

Though a tragedy was averted, the two vessels are reported to have been damaged badly by the impact.

According to the sources, a cargo liner MV Mandana was stationed in Ganga near Nazirganj while MV Syphon Voyager was near Poddar Ghat. Suddenly Panama-registered empty cargo ship MV Asian Leader which was approaching Nazirganj hit MV Mandana and also collided with MV Syphon after losing balance.

Several parts of the Asian Leader were severely damaged, while a crane on Mandana was also destroyed. On being informed of the incident, River traffic police along with other police personnel reached the site.

An inquiry has been ordered into the mishap. According to the onlookers, being cargo vessels, no death or injury occurred but had it been a passenger ship, a fatal tragedy could have been on the way.

It is to be noted that an international vessel had collided with the Nazirganj jetty four years back.