Itanagar: Three endangered species of vultures have been spotted at the Dying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary in East Siang district by a team of researchers from the Rajiv Gandhi University.
The team of researchers including Daniel Mize, RGU Assistant Professor, and Junior Research fellow Rajat Chetry, who undertook research to assess vulture population status in Siang region, said they have come across several species of vulture out of which three endangered species – Gyps Bengalensis, Gyps Indicus and Gyps Tenuirostris were also recorded.
After toiling for three days, the team encountered a group of 49 vultures including Cinerous vulture, Lammergeier or bearded vulture, Himalayan Griffon, Eurasian griffon, long-billed vulture, Slendered-billed vulture and white-rumped vulture.
Cinerous vulture, bearded vulture and Eurasian griffon were seen for the first time in the sanctuary, the team informed.
"The site seems to harbour the last and drastically declining vulture population in Siang region because survey at other areas of Siang could trace any vulture," the team said.
"The sanctuary is perhaps the most suitable habitat left for vulture in the entire Siang region today. Therefore, efficient management of the Sanctuary is quite necessary to conserve and protect vulture surviving in the sanctuary to increase the vulture population," Mize added.


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