Mumbai: Now that's some legal soup! The makers of director Subhash Kapoor's Jolly LLB have received three legal notices from various parts of the country.

According to sources, one of the notices is from a certain Manjit Singh Jolly, who has demanded a change in the name of the film because he says people are ridiculing him.

The second notice from a Delhi-based law firm SC Gupta and Ankkit has objection to the fact that Arshad Warsi, who in the film misspells appeal for apple and prosecution for prostitution in his pleadings to the Court and that referring to the Meerut University as his alma mater, is derogatory to the instiution.

The first notice from lawyer Parag Garg, a Meerut-based advocate claims the promos of the film on air currently are showing lawyers in the city in poor light. Garg has demanded that the makers remove the trailers from broadcast and that the producers Fox Star Studios stop the film’s release.

Kapoor says, “I can guarantee and assure everybody that there is nothing in the film which is remotely disrespecting to the country’s judiciary. On the contrary, I am confident that after seeing the film, the same people will come to me with boxes of sweets.”

The director feels it is a positive film about the judiciary. He adds, “Certain dialogues are in reference to the context. The film has been passed by the Censor Board and there is nothing disrespectful to anyone or any law.”

Vijay Singh, CEO of the production unit in India states, “While our legal team is studying the notices and preparing a response, we are a little surprised. All that we can say at the moment is that lawyers would be proud of the film.”


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