“Naxals through their network had asked the three TDP leaders to meet them at Dharkonda in the district yesterday afternoon and accordingly they went,” Visakhapatnam district Superintendent of Police K Praveen added.
"Only on the assurance by the Naxals that the leaders won't be harmed, TDP's G K Veedhi Mandal President M Balaiah and two other local leaders M Mahesh and V Balaiah went to meet them. Now, they have been held captive," the SP stated. Police received information regarding it last night.
"We have verified (the information). The only possibility is the Maoists will take them in the deep interior forest area towards the border of East Godavari district...we are waiting for Maoists to put forth their demands (for release of TDP leaders)," Praveen added.
It is suspected that the Naxals resorted to hold them hostage to protest the mining of Bauxite in the area.

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