A jirga, or tribal council, of at least five village elders found 22-year-old Sadia guilty of "illicit relations". Originally from Jawaki, the woman was residing in Karachi after her marriage.

She allegedly fled with a man to Swat hardly after two years of her marriage. A case of kidnapping was registered in Karachi and hunt for recovery was started.

Swat police recovered the woman handed her over to her heirs. A Jirga was held last night at Jawaki. It found her guilty of "illicit relations". The women along with her aunt and a cousin -- who helped her fleeing from the house – were cold-bloodedly murdered on the orders of the Jirga, media reported.

Police are investigating the case. Jirgas have a strong influence in the Tribal belt and are known as a parallel judicial system. They have been notorious for issuing such verdicts.


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