Aurangabad: Hell broke loose in the district as thunderbolt accompanied with torrential rains in various parts of Aurangabad district killed 17 labourers including nine women on Saturday. 

Another 17 people were reportedly badly burnt including 15 women. All the injured people are under treatment.

Among those who became the victim of unexpected thunderbolt were-Savita Devi from Bala Karma Village, three women of a family in Daudnagar, Randheer yadav from Jamuawa Tola, Mahendra Yadav from Lagan Bigha and Yashoda Devi from Chauram Village.

Others included teacher Dinesh Prasad Gupta and his father Shivdhani from Poktha village, two women labourers from Hasanpura village and Kanti kumar from Chilhaki village.

Five people were reported dead from Sareya, Areri ,Nirpura and Neema Village.