Mumbai: Newcomer Tia Bajpai is hopping mad at some of the shots that are used in the movie 'Lanka', "without her permission". She has accused the director of the film, Maqbool Khan, of having cheated her with the way some of the bold scenes are shot in the film. She says, "When I read the script, there was a mention of some such scenes.

When I objected to it, I was told not to worry and that they will be shot aesthetically.

Even when they were shooting, I was uncomfortable but when I saw the edited portions, I was shocked. It was edited in a manner that it ended up looking really vulgar.

I won't let them release it, if they don't edit those portions out. I am a new actress and my image is at stake," Tia says.

Tia says she has had a huge argument with Maqbool, once even during the shoot of a scene. "There was this scene where I am sitting inside a bathroom in my towel and crying. I thought only the crew members will be present.

But about half of the village was present there. Even then I called Vikram sir (Vikram Bhatt, the producer of the film) and then he had to speak to Maqbool about me being uncomfortable."

"I owe my career to Vikram sir. He shot rape scenes with me in Haunted, but those were done so well. He is a very decent man.

I just hope this doesn't get ugly for his sake. But if they insist on continuing with those shots, I will surely go to the court.

I have a bound script which has no mention of those scenes and also my contract doesn't say anything about them."


Vikram Bhatt says, "Tia did call me with her concerns about some scenes that she saw while dubbing but I can't just take out the scenes from the film.

Maqbool Khan is a responsible director so if he thinks the scenes are important for the film then I am going to trust my director.

Also the bold bits are what the film is about. She could not have been unaware of what she was shooting"