Dharamsala: The Tibetan government in exile has said that continuing incidents of self immolation by Tibetans in China were due to the "repressive policies" of the Communist nation which continues to occupy Tibet.
Expressing concern over recent reports of self immolation by three more Tibetan people in China's Sichuan province, it said here on Monday  that the measures to restrict movement of Tibetans in the capital Lhasa can further aggravate the tense situation in Tibet.
"The self-immolations represent an emphatic rejection of the continued occupation of Tibet and repressive policies of the Chinese government. They express a stand firm for the freedom of the Tibetan people," Dicki Chhoyang, Minister of Information and International Relations of the Tibetan government in exile said on Monday.
Chhoyang also appealed to the world community to send a strong message that it will not remain silent over the killing of Tibetans in China.
Unconfirmed reports said three Tibetans sustained serious injuries after setting themselves on fire in a remote Chinese village on February 3 in protest against China. Exact condition of the injured, however, still remains unknown.
To demonstrate solidarity with the cause of Tibetans, the international community has been invited to join a candle light vigil on February 8.
A prayer will be held at the main Tsuglakhang Temple on the occasion.