Dharamsala: In order to protest against ongoing atrocities in China-occupied Tibet, the Youth Congress of this community has urged their brethren across the world not to celebrate their most important Losar festival.

Tibetan Buddhists celebrate this festival in the month of February to mark the arrival of New Year.
The Youth Congress decided to take this step to carry on their protest against repressive policies of the Chinese authorities in Tibet, urging the community members across the world to send a strong message against the Communist government.

Besides, the Youth Congress has also urged to raise a special fund asking the members of the community to deposit the amount that they have decided to spend on the festival. The fund would be later given to the exiled Tibet government and would be spent on funding protest activities.

The Tibet Youth Congress has 87 branches spread across four continents. Hence, the protest has been initiated on a large scale.

The general secretary, Tibet Youth Congress, Tenzing Choke said, “The condition of exiled Tibet government is bad. The old monks and youths are committing suicides. People are suffering due to repressive policies of Chinese authorities.”