The young actor is not a fan of various dance competition shows and thinks an institute would be a better platform for budding performers.

"I wanted to open up a dance school for everybody including the underprivileged. There's so much talent in India that goes unnoticed," Tiger told media in an interview.

"People have to pave their way through dance competitions, which I am totally against of. If I am able to make a name for myself then I will surely open a dance school."

When it comes to his inspiration as a dancer, the 26-year-old looks up to superstar Hrithik Roshan and finds his dancing effortless.

"Whenever I meet him, I ask him so many questions about his career, how he prepares for his songs. I always tell him, 'Sir, every time I see you in a song everything else becomes invisible and I am left looking at you. How do you make look things so easy...?'"

Besides their love for dance, Tiger says they both share similar philosophies about life and career.

The actor, meanwhile, is excited about his upcoming release, Sajid Nadiadwala's 'Baaghi'. Tiger says that the film has the potential of becoming a "cult" action movie.

"'Baaghi' gave me a lot of scope to perform, never seen before action and not just nonsensical fighting. There is a strong emotional content in it, which drives the action forward. "I want the audience to whistle and cheer for me in the film, for what I am fighting for... I have worked hard to make it look like a spectacle but I want the emotional quotient to come even stronger."

The actor feels the action in the film is unlike other movies, where the hero punches the main villain and 10 other goons go flying in the air.

Post his next project, which is a superhero film, the actor is going to take a break from the action genre.

"For now, 'Baaghi' is the best I could offer in terms of action to my audience. I don't think I will get something like this easily again. Till then, I don't see myself doing anything in that direction."

Also starring Shraddha Kapoor, the Sabbir Khan-directed film releases this Friday, April 29.

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