New Delhi:  As per the recent study by the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) the four minarets of the Taj Mahal have tilted further since 1977. The southwest minaret has tilted 3.57 centimeters. The ASI has handed over the survey report on Taj Mahal’s present condition to the Supreme Court stating that the tilting of the minarets is within the standards and is not a cause of worry.  The report also suggested an investigation into the case.

Taking the recent media reports into cognizance regarding the safety of the Taj Mahal, the Supreme Court had directed the ASI to submit a study report along with a geodetic survey of the monument.

According to the survey, the south west minaret of the Taj Mahal was stable till 1976-77 but tilted 3.57 centimeters in 2009-10. However, the north east minaret is stable with a slight tilt of 0.52cm. Likewise, north-west and south-east minarets have recorded no significant change in their positions.

The report also says that the tilt in the minarets is not a cause of concern as they are stable and maintaining a good shape. The study also requested the Surveyor General of ASI to form a body that will carry out geodetic survey of the monument every year.