After observing that ‘honour killings’ are a slur on the nation, the Supreme Court has instructed the people not to indulge in such barbaric activities. The Apex Court has cautioned to take stern action against those who are for the sake of false pride awarding death penalty to couple involved in inter-caste marriage. It becomes equally obligatory for the society and the government machinery as well to be watchful of such horrific practices which have been termed ‘barbaric and feudal’ by none other than the Apex Court itself. However, such practices can’t be weeded out just by framing a stringent law. The apex court has ordered to send a copy of its verdict to the Registrar General of high courts, Chief Secretary and DGP of states in which it upheld the life sentence to a convict. But it is pertinent who will sensitize the society about the gravity of the issue? Discussions over framing a stringent law to check the menace is on for quite some time. It is being contended that prosecutors are facing hurdles in convicting such criminals because no law to punish such criminals exists. Such logics are beyond comprehension as any murder case – be it for honour or something else, has to be viewed in similar light. It is also difficult to understand the delay in enacting such a law when the crime has become so rampant in some parts of the country. The demand of the hour is to do everything possible to check the barbaric act because it’s earning bad name for the society and the country. 

A number of couples are being killed in Western Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan for falling in love, marrying outside caste or within the same ‘gotra’ and even for breaking some or the other social custom. Those marrying within their ‘gotra’ are the worst hit. Though the Supreme Court is not ready to give credence to the idea of ‘gotra’, a section of the rural society terms such ‘gotra’ violations to be so grave that they don’t hesitate even from killing the couple. The act can be described in no other way than a Stone Age practice. Parents have all the rights to differ from their children’s decision on marriage, but it does permit them to kill them against their esteem. Caste groups, panchayats, NGOs can play a big role in assisting the administration in putting a brake on this practice. However, it’s disheartening to see that no effort is being made on their part. Politicians are only aggravating the problem. They are either caught standing by their side or choose to keep mum under pressure. Till there is a sea-change in the mindset of people, the menace of so-called ‘honour killing’ is here to remain active.