Previous efforts to restore bonhomie between the West Bengal government and Naxals have proved futile and peace initiative of this round too is heading in the same direction. By raising the demand for two more battalions of Central Reserve Police Force for the Naxal-hit area of Jangalmahal, the Champion of farmers’ rights - Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has made her intentions clear of having an anti-tiger mother approach to the issue. However there is a ray of hope about peaceful efforts by Red rebels to resolve the problem. However, it is seen in the past that the Naxals have often hoodwinked the state government under the guise of deliberations resisting present efforts. At times, they have used the cease-fire to galvanize and empower their forces. After Banerjee’s caveat on the issue, the string of conditions raised by the Naxals places their initiative under the scanner. Whatever be the outcome of the end of the stipulated deadline of Banerjee’s ultimatum, it is a welcome sign for the state that she has face to face with the shenanigans of the Naxals. The CM’s unprecedented move to label Naxals as ‘Supari Killers’ and ‘Jungle Mafia’ not only reflects her anger, but also the act of treason by the Red rebels. Though it was not long back, Mamata Banerjee has prevented Central Forces from initiating action against the Naxals. When Banerjee showed a soft corner for the Naxals during her tenure as Union Railway Minister, it was then believed that she was trying to win their loyalties in view of the West Bengal Assembly elections. Against the common belief, she maintained a benevolent approach towards the Naxals even after swearing-in as state CM. As a result, the operations of joint forces against Naxals were halted, which even further bolstered their morale.

If Mamata has arrived on this conclusion in wake of the wanton macabre acts displayed by the Naxals, one cannot hold her responsible for the toughened stand being taken against them. The lackadaisical response to all the initiatives and healthy environments for parleys by the Naxals showcases their unwillingness to resolve the matter through peaceful measures. Violence has always remained an integral part of Naxal activities and ideologies. Even though they have been running their campaign under the garb of safeguarding the rights of poor and tribals, there are ample reasons to expose the Naxals intentions of creating anarchy and chaos in the system. Truly speaking, they have actually transformed into ‘Jungle Mafias.’ If it becomes certain that peace cannot be restored in Junglemahal area without stern action, the Centre should not leave any stone unturned in its endeavour to provide the required assistance to the West Bengal government. Simultaneously, an alert should be sounded in nearby states especially Jharkhand and Odisha. With view to bitter past experiences of the past, there is a need to initiate a successful campaign against the Naxals. Reducing the Naxals to a powerless outfit is perhaps the only way to suppress their impudence. It needs to be assessed that whether Mamata Banerjee’s strategy will have the same impact as the one which was carried out long back in Naxalbari to diminish the stronghold of the Red rebels.