The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report on the irregularities committed during the preparations for the Commonwealth Games (CWG) virtually validates the scams. This report is all the more vital as it arraigns the Prime Minister Office (PMO) along with the Sheila Dikshit government for the various scandals. The inability of the Central government and the Delhi government to curb the slew of scams committed in the veil of the Commonwealth Games, doing the rounds even before, leaves no sound reason for them to resort to shielding measures to prove their innocence. The nation as well as the world is witness to the fact that at one point of time in the recent past the Delhi government and the Centre, due to their incapability, were made to mere spectators witnessing the unfolding of scams and scandals one after another. Two reasons may be taken into account, firstly both the governments refused to take a serious note of the ongoing squandering and secondly the country’s prestige was at stake owing to the delay in the organisation of the CWG. This straitjacketed the arms of the government which had to ensure that the cash meandering did not stop despite revelation that the sanctioned amount was slipping into wrong hands. It is liable for the policy makers of the Delhi government and the Centre to state why the country was compelled to accept the unacceptable in the form of the CWG scams? Putting the accused in the CWG scam, Suresh Kalmadi and his associates, behind the bar will not satisfy the nation. The pertinent question arises whether those who were responsible for arresting the bungling of the CWG funds carried out by Kalmadi and company will be punished?

The way the Comptroller and Auditor General report pointed fingers at the Prime Minister Office has toughened Manmohan Singh’s task to save his staggering image. Undoubtedly the onus lies on the Prime Minister to make it clear why his office appointed Suresh Kalmadi as the Chairman of the Organising Committee of the Commonwealth Games notwithstanding the strong opposition to it? Similarly, Sheila Dikshit needs to answer why few decisions, which were taken after active consultation with her, became the reason behind some of the scams? In reply to these questions, mere worrying about the CAG report being linked holds no prominence. This so-called fret is nothing but a way to mislead the country from the moot point. Similarly, holding the CAG report less important in preference to Lokayukta report in terms of comparison does not justify anything. If the policy makers of the Central government are at all concerned about their prestige then they should commence the task of castigating those at fault. Avoiding any such act is sure to further sink the image of the Central government. After all, how long the Centre will take to learn that excuses will not help resurrect its doomed image? The country is fed up of scams and scandals. The daily surfacing of scandals and people responsible for such acts and unable to check them are putting the country to shame. It is true that politicians rarely accept their mistakes but they should understand not to compel the common citizens to give up their patience.