Meha Bhargava, founder and CEO of image consulting company Styl.Inc, shares tips to help a bride adjust in a new family:

1. Research well:
A girl needs to do her homework well and research on the family members she shall be staying with. Understanding their likes and dislikes to break the ice with them is the key to make a place in everyone's lives.

2. Adapting, not adjusting:
The art of entering a new home and making a place in the hearts of others is through adapting and taking out time to know nature and temperament of all the family members.

3. Building rapport: A new bride should create a good rapport with her mother-in-law, because if she is happy then a bride would have the best of experience and shall enjoy smooth sailing.

4. Value their values:
Every home has a set of rules and values that each member abides by and as a duty, even the new bride should respect the values and customs of the new culture whilst maintaining respect for her own.

5. Be less judgmental: One should not be too quick to judge the family members. A girl has just not married the man, but more than likely married the family. She needs to have an open mind where she does not jump to conclusions and judge the members.

6. Be more compassionate: If at all a situation may arise between members of the family, the bride should avoid getting defensive and argumentative. She should practice empathy and be compassionate towards others.

7. Be cordial:
It is a must that a bride maintains a healthy lifestyle, keeping in mind every member, young and old alike. A bride should be friendly and jovial.  

8. Balance relationships: A bride should maintain a balanced and healthy relationship with her parents and her in-laws, where none feel neglected or made to feel that they are less important.

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