Using lavender at night while sleeping to eating cinnamon can do the trick, says an expert.

Mind, body and soul expert Madhu Kotiya lists five effective and easy tips for happiness and good health:

Deep breathing for five minutes: It's the basic pranayam. You can do this while driving a car or travelling by public transport. Try to breathe in fresh air rather than sitting in office and doing it. This will energise your aura and make you feel energetic while taking off the negativity from your mind.

Use lavender at night: If you are having trouble sleeping and feel restless at night, put some drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow. The fragrance of lavender will help you relax.

Place amethyst ball on table: Semi precious crystal amethyst has positive vibrations to create balance and harmony. Place an amethyst ball on table you are working for smooth and balanced work.

Mudra to regain energy: A shortcut to solve the low energy issue is an easy hand mudra which will help you regain energy. Touch both your hands' middle fingers with your thumbs, keep your eyes closed and breathe deeply for three to five minutes.

Cinnamon for weight loss: If you are upset about excess weight and not finding time for workouts or yoga, cinnamon can help you. Keep some pieces of cinnamon in your bag, and chew them four to five times a day. It will take care of your false hunger pangs and sugar craving.


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