But gone are the days when disturbed sleep had you waking up feeling irritable, restless, and lethargic. We have come up with some tips for better and quality sleep so that your mornings are better and fresher.

1. Eating habits: Your eating habits can surely affect your sleep. Proper meals throughout the day are essential for sound and healthy sleep. Make sure you avoid spicy and junk foods at night. Avoid eating just before hitting the bed. Also, alcohol intake adversely affects the sleep.

2. Exercise/ Yoga: Doing exercise or yoga early in the morning can help you get sound sleep. This will also help you to stay fit and fine as well.

3. Cool down your body temperature: Cooling off your body temperature before sleeping can be helpful. Sleeping in an air-conditioned room is one of the best methods to lower down your body temperature.

4. Comfy bed: It is essential to sleep comfortably at nights to get good sleep. Make sure that your bed is comfortable, along with using the right pillow and mattress.

5. Use technology: Last but not the least, you can take some help from modern technology. There are a number of technological sleep aids like the app ‘Wakemate’ that can monitor the state of your sleep.

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