In view of many untoward incidents across the world, 'Jagran Post' chalks down few tips for women who are confident enough to roam the world alone:

Know the risks: It is always important to know the risks before stepping out from the comfort zone. Research about the place including the political, environmental and social conditions before landing there will help you to minimise the risk factors.

Understand the culture: ''When in Rome, do as the Romans do.'' We are trying here to say that keep yourself well versed about the local culture including the dressing styles. While travelling to unkown places, observe their cultures minutely and always remember to show respect to their culture. Some places have specific dress codes which you need to follow till you are a traveler there.

Be in touch: While travelling don't loose the connectivity with friends and family at home. Never forget to call your family and keep them aware about your whereabouts. Try to be in touch with the local contact of the visiting place.

Use your common sense:Traveling alone is always fun. We all desire for a quality time, far from the mundane lifestyle and office chores, but few get the chance. For women travelers we suggest them to enjoy the quality time but be alert and use the common sense. Keep your luggage and money with you and never trust a stranger.

Be a street smart: Roaming around the unknown streets ofcourse gives you the essence of liberty and independence, but be cautious while doing so. You never know what are the difficulties waiting for you. So keep yourself always ready. Keep pepper spray, small knife and few such things with you to protect youreself.

Jagran Post wishes you a very happy journey...

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