Tips and tricks to shoot wildlife:

  • Patience is most important to shoot wildlife. Wildlife shoots do not go as per plan; they happen depending on when and how the subject decides to show up. One must be prepared for upsets and not get disheartened.


  • While going into the forest, it is important to dress sober. It is best to wear colours like green and brown that camouflage with the forest instead of bright red and yellows that stand out.


  • Most digital cameras today are high-speed cameras. It is best to have a high shutter speeds to capture the movements of the animals.


  • It is important to stay silent even if in a group. Communicating through gestures is advisable so you don’t disturb the surroundings. Be alert to the sounds and smells of the jungle to help understand movements of the wild cat.


  • Remember to carry all equipment. Do not forget additional lenses and the tripod.


  • Stick to the hours of golden light. This means waking up early in the morning and being in the field before sunrise or stepping out in the afternoon to make the most of the last hours of sunlight. The light over midday is generally harsh and not ideal for photographs. Park timings are usually within these hours depending on whether you are in the core area or buffer area.


  • 400 to 600 mm telephoto lens work best for wildlife photography.


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