Here are few tips to combat those pesky post-wedding blues.

Go through your wedding pictures: You can relive those days by going through the pictures, which your friends and family have posted pictures on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. If you've received the pictures from your photographer, go through them too and take out print of your favorite pics. Get them framed and hang on your house's wall or gift them to your parents and friends.

Dress-up: You must always look fresh when you come out of your room in the morning. Wear new dresses and don wedding accessories. Wear your jewels to a cocktail party or to the office for a little extra glow.

Plan future: Start thinking about a future event. Whether it's a second honeymoon, a party for a friend or a themed dinner party, counting down to something new will help you kick those blues.

Romantic Dinner: Have a candle light dinner with your hubby. Set a table for two. Try new recipes and cook something special.

Find a hobby: Find a new activity you and your beloved can do together like gardening, hiking, paddle boarding, salsa dancing, cooking. This will help you beat the wedding blues and also bring you closer and create great memories.