Before you can start choosing the best nail polish colours for you, you need to determine your skin complexion. To figure out what kind of undertones your skin has, look at it in natural light. If your skin has pink, blue, or red undertones then your skin is cool. Skin tones that appear more golden or olive are warm. Other things can also influence your choice of nail colour: the seasons, trends and your mood. More often nail colour is matched to clothing. Check out these tips on matching nail polish colour with skin tone, test them yourself to see which ones work best for you and make them a part of your nail routine.

1. Dark skin tone: Darker skin tones look best in darker polishes. It’s probably a good idea to avoid any nail polishes that are too pale as they can wash the skin colour out. Darker skin tones look great with warm browns, creamy beiges, vivid pinks and deep purple shades. Burgundy, vibrant purples, plums, bright orange and pinks zap the colour out of rich dark tones. Avoid Neon yellow, orange and green can be shocking.  Silver, white and neon colours are also best if avoided, as such tones make the dusky skin look aged and dull.

2. Wheatish skin tone: Women with light or fair skin tone are the luckiest since they can apply most colours to their nails. For a healthy, rosy look, nail polish in shades of pink is advisable. Blue-based nail polish is mostly recommended to fair skinned people. Red colors look great on people with fair skin, but be sure to choose one with blue undertones for cool skin and reds with yellow and orange undertones for warmer skin. Although almost every colour goes well with this complexion, still the females with wheatish skin should avoid dark purple, navy blue and dark red.

3. Pale skin tone: People who have paler skin tones look great with pale nail polish. Lighter shades with pink or blue undertones are considered best. Try pinks or reds to brighten the complexion. If you’re pale with a warm tone, you can even try coral reds. Really dark colours don’t always look the best on pale skin colours. Colours which can flatter your hands are pastel pinks, blues and greens, pale peach, beige.

4. Tan skin tone: Tanned skin can look really nice with lighter shades as a way to make the skin stand out more. Gold colours have the tendency to blend too much with the colour of the skin, so these colours must be avoided. Lighter shades can accentuate tanned skin, like warm pale shades of brown, light blues, pinks and purples.


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