Ishika Taneja, make-up expert and executive director of Alps Cosmetic Clinic, doles out tips on how to highlight your best feature or downplay the unattractive one:
1.     To downplay your double chin, apply a darker colour foundation underneath your jawline blending into the neck. The illusion of depth will definitely give your face a lot more definition making it appear chiseled.

2.     To narrow your forehead, use one shade darker foundation to create a shadow effect around the temples along the hairline.

3.     You can slim down the nose by shading the sides a little darker while highlighting the bridge of the nose. This way your nose will look sharper and thinner.

4.    To achieve high cheekbones, suck in your cheekbones to make an ‘O’. Then, shade the deep area with a brown blush. Apply lighter blush starting from the centre of the cheeks to your hairline. But blend well so that others can’t see the start and end points of the blush application.


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