The first place to start? Your skin, says an expert Madhu Arora, a franchise owner of 'Blush Clinic' in Delhi. She says, “it is important to eat well to fit into that abs flashing lehenga. But crash dieting is harmful for the body and especially the skin. Therefore it is smarter to think of a well balanced, healthy diet rich with fresh fruits, vegetables and juices never forgetting the importance of ample water”

Green tea helps to cleanse the system. Regular workouts two to three times a week will make you fit which is vital for a beautiful appearance. Keep in mind that you must consume three full meals and two snacks like roasted nuts, fruits and steamed or fermented food in an entire day.

A heavy breakfast is necessary to start your day. Eat carrot, apricot, spinach or green vegetables in abundance as they help to enrich perfect radiance in your skin. Consume walnuts as they contain fatty acids, which make hair and skin healthier.

A lot of vitamins and antioxidant rich foods fights skin problems. Green pepper, tomato, lemon and bell pepper contains vitamin A which helps to prevent acne. Almond, walnut, olive oil, sunflower seed and whole grain are excellent antioxidant,thus preventing damage to the skin.

A monthly facial benefits the skin immensely. One facial close to the wedding is not ideal. Let the benefits build up with a regular treatment. It is also important to say bye-bye to unwanted hair, either go for a laser treatment or simply wax it off.


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