New Delhi: All that glitters in gold and to keep it shinning forever, some amount of maintenance is required. Here's how you can keep your gold jewellery dazzling

How to Clean Gold:
* Use your regular dishwashing liquid to clean your gold jewellery. Take a soft toothbrush and dip it in the liquid and brush away all dirt hidden in crevices of the piece.
* Rinse your gold jewellery in enough water. Keep it in lukewarm water for better results
* Dry your gold jewellery piece with a soft, lint-free cloth. Rub it till it shines.
* If it is still not giving you the required shine, you can opt for non-abrasive jewellry cleaner.

How to maintain gold jewellery
* Keep changing your gold jewellery. Wearing them continuously will make them weak and it will lose the luster.
*Never keep your diamond and gold jewellery together. Diamonds can scratch gold easily.
* Make sure your jewellery is dry before storing, as moisture can cause springs and clasps to weaken over time.
* Don't wear your gold jewellery in the pool or hot tub.

(Courtesy: City Plus)