An expert has suggested some tips to keep woollens as new as ever!

Use the right brush: Avoid washing machines to clean your sweaters as they may lose their sheen. Instead, use an electrostatic garment brush after every wear as woollens tend to accumulate a lot of dust and are vulnerable to moths.

Gently clean tough stains: If you accidentally stain your sweater or scarf, wash it by using a high quality detergent meant for woollens. Mix it in lukewarm water and soak your woollens in the mixture. Gently wash the piece of clothing with your hands.
Avoid hanging: Woollens should never be hung up on a clothes line like other articles as this causes the fabric to stretch and it may lose its shape eventually. Lay the sweater or cardigan on a flat surface and allow it to dry at room temperature.

Don't iron when dry: Woollens shouldn't be ironed when they are completely dry as this won't ease out the deep creases. They can also scorch easily under direct dry heat. Instead, use a steam press.

Prevent moth attacks and germs: Wool is very vulnerable to moth attacks and germ build-ups. Remember to stash some moth balls in the section of your cupboard where you are placing your woollens.


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