1. Let go

A fresh start  in New Year requires that we all should  'let go' all the failures and emotional barriers in our life. Let go of fears we have built up. Let go of long-held beliefs and habits. Have a fresh start. Let go of last year, and start a new.

2. Plan out your New Year resolutions

Whatever changes you need in your life or anything you would like to indulge in your habits, add it to your New Year Resolution list. Make notes if required. Stay focussed on this and organise it properly.

3 Clear away distractions and focus

Clear away email, Facebook and Twitter messages, your favourite blogs, clear away all the little nagging work that distracts you. You can, if required shut off the internet for a while, so that you can focus on your work. You can come back to it when you take a break. Focus on the thing that matters most. Do it for as long as you can, until you’re done if possible.

4 Find happiness now

Don’t look at happiness as something that will come when you’ve attained a certain accomplishment or certain amount of wealth or material goods. Don’t look at happiness as a destination, that you’ll get later. It is possible right now. Always remember that. When you learn to be happy now, it’ll always be here.

5. Reinvent yourself, every day

Every day, you are reborn. Reinvent yourself and your life every day. Do what matters most to you that day. It might be the same thing that mattered most yesterday or it might not be. Be passionate and happy right now. You’ll have a fresh start every single day and not just on January 1.

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